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Our Practices

We have four key Practices which are aligned to current Telecoms, Media and Technology growth drivers and short term strategies, along with our professional capabilities.

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Mobile Data remains the engine of growth for mobile operators globally. To realise the full benefits of mobile data, service providers should consider developing an "involving" mobile data strategy. Whether 3G, 4G or 5G, the key drivers for Mobile Data Growth remain the same - innovation, agility and experience. The Apti Services Mobile Data practice assists service provider staff in re-considering their Mobile Data strategies across these three key areas.

The convergence of Telecoms and Media has been a precursor to the convergence of Telecoms with everything else - IoT. Media remains a key domain for service providers as they strive to remain relevant in consumers Digital Lives. At Apti Services we realise the challenges for service providers as media, telecoms and consumers converge and market get more crowded and complex.

Almost all leading service providers across South East Asia and elsewhere, have invested in big data platforms that help them monitor, analyse and act on initially network and service related consumer data, and more lately on a wider variety of internal consumer data sources. Realising the full benefits of Customer Experience Management has not been as easy as implementing a CEM platform. Apti Services assist operators in focusing their efforts to gain the fastest ROI, and also in setting up effective CEM operations.

As Digitalisation across sectors approaches mass market adoption, the key challenges of defining Digital business objectives, strategies and the complexity of executing against these are well known. Apti Services combination of marketing and operational TMT expertise, means we are ideally suited to assist companies across sectors with their Digital Transformation Journeys.

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