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ML is the Air B'n'B of the Software Development World. We enable IT Professionals to gain project work from across the world.

We cater to both Freelancers and MLs - MLs being IT Professionals with full time employment who want to work evenings and weekdays to accelerate their technology experience, work on innovative projects and make more money.

Fill out the form below to apply to join the ML Professional Skills Community.
Talent Submission Form

Please enter your details in this form to apply to be on the Talent Database, and available for work from clients around the world.


Select your sklls (only select those that you are proficient or expert in)
Select Sectors (only select those sectrs that youhave spent 3 or more years working in)
Role Experience (only select those roles that you have performed for 3 or more years)

Thanks for your application. We will be in touch with you in the next few weeks to arrange the next step - which is a phone interview.

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